Best Bluetooth Headset – Reviews – 2016

By | February 14, 2017

Bluetooth headsets: the original portable technology

The Bluetooth headset allows
Almost free hands from his cell phone. With many
United States, which now prohibit the use of cell phones
Headphones offer a way to chat and drive legally at the same time. They also come
In practice at work or anywhere else you want to have both hands free while
Maintaining a conversation.

A high quality
The Bluetooth headset can cost $ 100 or more. However, there are also
Models available for less than that – and sometimes much less – they provide
Decent voice quality but fewer features. Some of these are new, basic headphones,
While others are older models they are still in the market.

  • A comfortable fit
  • Good battery life Read more

    Having said that, these days, even
    Low-cost Bluetooth headsets often include features that were found only in
    The higher range models not so long ago. For example, all headphones
    The report can be operated by voice commands, as well as with physical controls.
    Most of them also offer multi-point matching, which allows them to connect to
    Two mobile phones simultaneously.

    However, you will still have to pay extra for features such as Advanced Audio Distribution
    Enabled profile (A2DP), which allows your headset to be
    Streaming audio. With this feature, you can toggle between music playback and phone calls, and the
    The headphones are smart enough to automatically mute the music when a call arrives.
    However, the audio quality of a Bluetooth headset, although still quite good for
    Causal listening can not match that of a set of specifically designed headphones
    for the music. If you want premium audio quality
    You do not need a microphone, see our report on
    wireless headphones .

    Plantronics dominates the space of the Bluetooth headset

    Until recently, there were
    Two great players in the Bluetooth headset field: Aliph Jawbone and Plantronics.
    Two years ago, the then newly redesigned (Est. $ 50) was our maximum selection
    Bluetooth headset. Recently, however, availability has been limited.
    The era could still be bought through the manufacturer’s Jawbone store, but only
    In basic black, not the arsenal of snazzy colors that were once a major sale
    Point of this model. Most of the other selling sites do not carry the Era at all,
    Or they offer models that are older still. You can still pick up a last generation
    It was from a third-party vendor on, but it’s unclear how long
    That will continue to be the case.

    With that as a
    Plantronics has become the only big name in Bluetooth headsets. But
    That is not a negative; The company offers more than a dozen models to choose from,
    And their offers gain consistently strong opinions from websites related to technology.

    The best
    Plantronic headphones in general, according to the reviews, is the
    (Est. $ 130) . Is the first selection
    In a detailed comparison test on, and is among the
    The most valued models on CNET and All sources agree on
    Headset offers first-class call quality, transmitting voices
    Blocking background noise. The only time that hesitates is when making calls
    From a moving car, where it has difficulty compensating for wind noise.

    Most reviewers also
    They say that this headset is very comfortable to carry. It is incredibly small and light
    & # 8211; Little more than 2.5 inches long, and slightly less than a third of an ounce.
    However, because your earbud sits outside the entrance to your ear, it is a bit
    More difficult to place correctly than models that are inserted inside the ear, such as
    Jawbone Era.

    Experts and Users
    Find the Edge Voyager very easy to use. Both your physical checks and your
    Voice commands are intuitive, and are smoothly paired & # 8211; Even with two devices
    Right away. Sources do not agree with its Bluetooth range. In tests at,
    The voice transmission became doubtful at 15 feet and cut completely at 25 feet, but found that it maintained a stable connection up to 50 feet away
    For voice calls and an impressive 87 feet away for music transmission via A2DP.
    The Edge battery is good for about 6 hours of talk time or 7 days on hold
    & # 8211; That is good, but not the best I have seen. However, the headset
    With a charging case that can give you up to 10 additional hours of talk time
    Before you need to find a plug.

    A small point of
    The concern is a fairly large disconnect between user reviews on certain sites –
    Around a half-point difference between feedback on and,
    for example. Looking at, however, reveals that a decent number of
    The lowest ratings are related to the provider, since some users report receiving gray
    Market (models designed to be sold outside the United States) of
    Sellers of the market. At, that problem does not appear, and feedback
    It is strong – 4.2 stars based on over 1,150 reviews.

    Cheap Bluetooth Headsets Offered
    Performance and value

    While the best
    Bluetooth headphones offer comfort, comfort, features and performance if
    You can accept some modest compensation, you can save a little money and find a
    Good alternative at a more modest price.
    An old Plantronics model,
    Plantronics Voyager Legend rates Almost as well in professionals
    Tests like the Edge Voyager, and it is even more popular with users. It has the most
    The same features as Edge, including voice commands, A2DP and multipoint
    pairing. But at 0.6 ounces, the legend is significantly higher than the edge
    And not nearly as elegant. While the edge is held in place with a
    Small loop that folds under the cartilage of the ear, the Legend has a
    Old school connector that is hooked on and around the whole ear, so it’s a lot
    Most noticeable when used. However, the larger ear loop also provides easy access
    Controls, and most users find it comfortable to wear even with glasses.

    In terms of
    Performance, legend is also largely a party to the edge, has problems
    With the noise of the wind, but other than that, the sound transmission is excellent. In terms
    Of the life of the battery, the Legend actually lasts a little longer than the edge, giving
    Up to 7 hours talk time or 11 days standby time between charges.

    On the negative side,
    Unlike the edge, the legend does not have a load case, so when the battery
    Finally it runs out, you need to connect and do that can be a nuisance. the
    Legend uses a proprietary charge cable, not USB, that many users have had
    problems with. Some say the magnet that is supposed to hold the cable in place
    It is easily dislodged, so the phone is not always charged when you think it is.
    Even worse, the cable is only 1 foot long, so if you do not have a power strip in
    Your desk, you have to put the handset on the floor to connect it
    an exit. But if you can live with these discomforts, you can get similar
    Performance and comfort as with the edge, but at a lower price.

    Of the biggest weaknesses of both Voyager Legend and Voyager Edge
    They do not transmit sound well in a moving car, or anywhere else there is a
    Much wind noise. If that is a concern, the
    Plantronics Explorer 500 (Est. $ 60) does a much better job. At’s
    Tests, outperforms all other headphones in this setting, including some that
    They cost two or three times more. It’s covers on a Bluetooth range test, too,
    Maintaining a stable signal of 54 feet in a voice call and 95 feet in music
    transmission. And your battery is maintained for more than 7 hours on one charge, improving the
    Edge for about an hour.

    In other respects,
    However, the Explorer 500 is not as impressive as Edge and The Legend.
    His voice quality is generally good, but not exceptional. Some background noises
    It goes through testing in a noisy cafe, and some users complain that the volume
    For incoming calls it is too low to hear clearly. Offers only the basics
    Voice Commands, and does not come with a charging case. On the positive side,
    With a micro-USB cable, so you do not have to carry a proprietary cable

    The Explorer 500 is
    Even smaller than the edge, and has the same type of earbud and loop
    suitable. For most users, it fits well, but we saw some complaints
    Uncomfortable or even painful with prolonged use. Availability is a bit
    Limited, but you can buy it directly from the manufacturer and mobile operators
    Like T Mobile and Verizon. An apparently identical version, the < U> Plantronics Explorer 505 (Est. $ 60)
    Also available on

    You are on a very tight budget, Plantronics M55 (Est. $ 35)
    Worth a look. This very cheap headset gives you a lot of
    Features for price, including A2DP, voice commands and multipoint matching.
    And its battery life is absolutely second to none: in tests at,
    It provided 8.5 hours of consecutive talk time when paired with an iPhone. In
    Standby mode, can go up to 16 days between loads, thanks to a special depth
    Standby mode that conserves battery power.

    The M55’s
    The performance is not as impressive as its competitors, though. Voices cross
    Clearly in quiet environments, but CNET says a lot of background noise
    When used on a busy street. Users on like the
    M55 sound quality, compact size, and incredible battery life. However, many of
    They are disgusted by the fact that it comes with just one earbud, so yes
    You have bigger or smaller ears, you have to order others
    Sizes. We also saw some complaints that their Bluetooth range is quite limited.
    But if you only need a cheap and reliable headset for indoor use, the $ 30 M55
    Price is hard to beat.

    Opinion sources from experts and users

    As expected, the best comments from Bluetooth headsets come from
    Related to technology. is the only site that can be realized
    Head-to-head tests, but both < CNET> and
    Extensive collections of reviews. Editors test new headphones as they are released
    And evaluate their features, comfort and performance, often comparing the new
    Headphones to previous models. User comments on and