Wine Cooler Reviews – Best Wine Cooler 2016

By | February 14, 2017

Wine coolers keep your favorite beverage at the perfect temperature

Wine coolers, also called wine coolers,
They are designed to keep red and white wines stored at a constant temperature
Which best preserves its character and quality. The wine chillers
Wine shop that is proposed to drink in about a year; They are not intended to
Long-term storage and aging of high-end wines. Many people use wine coolers
In the kitchen to complement a refrigerator or

Depending on the size of the wine cooler,
It can have one or two temperature zones. Two temperature zones make it convenient
To store more than one type of wine. Experts say white wines should be
Stored at 48 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on type. Red wines, in
On the other hand, it should be stored between 60 and 68 degrees, again, depending
About the type. In general, the number of temperature zones available will depend
About the size of the wine cooler. Smaller counter units
Only one zone, the larger units will have two or more.

Compressor versus thermoelectric cooling

There are two types of cooling technology
Found in wine coolers: Compressor and thermoelectric. Wine coolers
With compressors they function as traditional refrigerators, using refrigerant and fans to
Cool the air inside the wine cooler. Hot air is vented from the front, away from
The cooler. Thermoelectric wine coolers do not cool the air, but rely on them.
Heat to remove heat from the inside of the compartment, and heat is
Generally ventilated out the back. This means that thermoelectric chillers
Quite generous amount of space around them to allow air to circulate.
While wine fridges with thermoelectric cooling systems can be used as built-ins
If the installation is planned carefully and there is plenty of space for
Circulation, most experts advise and say if you will have
Built-in unit, go with a compressor-wine type refrigerator.
Another drawback for thermoelectric systems is
They are sensitive to temperature outside the unit as they can only
Cool the compartment about 20 degrees below room temperature. If he
Air around the cooler is too hot, the unit may not be able to
Temperature below 55 degrees, which means your wine can not be
Stable temperature, or at the correct temperature for some wines. By himself
Symbol, if the ambient temperature is too cold, for example, below 50 degrees, the wine
The temperature of the cooler may fall below what is ideal. However, if you keep your
Thermoelectric wine cooler in an air-conditioned environment – heated
During cold winters and with air conditioning during the hot summers
Extremely affordable and attractive gadgets that come in a variety of styles
And sizes.

Counter top wine coolers

If you plan to store
Less than 20 bottles in your wine cooler, counter models are the most expensive
effective. By far the best of these is the
Haier 6-bottle wine cellar with electronic controls (Est. $ 125) . This thermoelectric cellar is the smallest
In a line of wine storage coolers that also includes 8 bottles,
Capacities of 12 bottles and 16 bottles. However, the 6-bottle wine cooler is very
Popular among those who have little space and only need a small wine
Refrigerator to provide them with a steady supply of refrigerated red or white wine.
It fits nicely on the kitchen counter even from small apartments or motor homes, the owners
For example, and consistently maintains the chosen temperature. The bottle of 6 and 8 bottles
The Haier units have a single temperature zone, while the bottles of 12 and 16 bottles
Wine coolers of the same series have two temperature zones.

The Haier
6-Bottle Wine Cellar has a temperature range of 45 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit,
That is in the suggested range for white or red wines. It is also
Reported as very quiet and sturdy, and we did not see any significant durability

It is twice the size of the Haier and Wine Enthusiast fridges, but also
It gets very good reviews like a counter top wine cooler – if you have a bigger space. The Avanti wine cooler can contain eight bottles horizontally in
Four verticals, which critics say is very handy for open bottles. A reading about
The outside shows the temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit and the temperature
The temperature range is 47 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s just a single zone
Cooler, but those who drink only white or simply red wine say they appreciate
Have wine at the perfect temperature. This thermoelectric cooler becomes poorer
Reviews for durability that either the Haier or Wine Enthusiast wineries,
But most say that it works very well and Avanti gets good reviews for his client

Independent wine coolers

If you want to store more than a few
Wine bottles, you’ll want to consider a stand-alone wine cooler. Plus
Affordable built-ins, which we will discuss below, freesanding thermoelectric wine
Refrigerators cost less because they do not have to accommodate front ventilation and
Zero side and back clearances that low-counter wine coolers require,
Although you will need to find a place with enough free space for the air to circulate
Around the device. However, they still work very well and accommodate more
Bottles of wine that a counter wine cooler. These larger, independent
Units also often have dual temperature zones.

Koldfront 24 Free bottle of dual zone wine cooler (Est . $ 260) is a wine cooler very appreciated by
Owners, who say it is a very attractive addition to their kitchen. Has
A black cabinet with stainless steel finish and comfortable pull-out wood
Shelves that critics say blend with a variety of decorations. Although it contains
Up to 24 bottles of wine, most note that the Koldfront refrigerator is tall and thin,
Instead of crouching, so it has a rather small footprint that makes it suitable
Even for smaller spaces. However, the door has to be opened 180 degrees in order to
To remove the shelves, so make sure you have the authorization for that in any
Space you have planned. Also note that the door is not reversible and
It only opens from left to right.

The Koldfront is a double zone wine cooler
It has an upper zone with a temperature range of 54 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit, and a lower zone with a temperature range
From 46 to 66 degrees. The owners say that both areas reach the desired temperature
Quickly and keep it very well. An LED display shows the temperature
Both zones, and it is easy to set up or change. Most say it is very quiet;
Complaints that this wine cooler is noisy are few and far between.
Built-in wine coolers

Find a dedicated space in your kitchen for an incorporated wine
Fridge is becoming an increasingly popular choice for wine lovers. Incorporated
The wine chillers are discreet, elegant and look as if they are just part of the
General decoration, like any other modern appliance. The big one
Difference with built-in coolers compared to self-supporting profiled models
It is that they use the technology of the compressor, instead of the thermoelectric, so
They do not need air circulation space around them and can be adjusted to
Available space, just like a standard refrigerator.
Receives for the most part positive
Comments. Its capacity of 46 bottles is big enough for all, but the most avid
Wine collector, and gets raves for its attractive look – a stainless steel
Steel / black design with wooden shelves. Shelves are removed for convenience and
They are adjustable for bottles of different sizes.

The Double Zone NewAir has two temperature compartments to store
Red wines separately. The temperature range in both compartments is 40 to 64
Grades, so you can use it for any type of wine. Owners praise NewAir’s
Yield, saying it keeps the set temperature very well and there is no
Crossover between zones.

Most reviewers say they have the NewAir Wine Cooler installed by a
Professional, either as part of a new construction or as a kitchen remodel.
However, some helpful people say they have cut a cabinet or part of the wall
Underneath a kitchen island and installed this wine cooler with
No problem. Keep in mind, however, that you need access to a
departure. If you are not sure how to do it safely, consider
professional. The door on the NewAir can be installed to open from either side,
It extends your installation options. Although popular as a built-in, the
NewAir can also be used as an independent unit, and gets good reviews of
Those who use it that way too – just plug it in and fill it with wine,
they say.

It is important to note that a number of NewAir owners report receiving
Damaged or defective products – and complain that the manufacturer
Poor customer service. Although it comes with a one-year warranty, some say
It was difficult to obtain your authorized warranty service. However, because the NewAir
46 Bottle Wine Cooler has the largest group of positive reviews by owners compared to
To other built-in wine fridges, it has gained our recommendation.

If you want a built-in that is a bit smaller – and is tall and slim
Instead of square – you can not do better than the
EdgeStar Built-In 18 bottles of wine cooler (Est. $ 550). Like the NewAir, it is very
Attractive, with a black cabinet and a brushed stainless trim and trimmed in wood
Sliding shelves. The door is also reversible. This 18-bottle wine cooler
Only a temperature zone, with a range of 40 to 65 degrees, so it is best to
Only the whites or just the red ones, but the owners say it keeps their temperature very high
Consistently and its digital controls are easy to set. The Edgestar of 18 bottles
Wine cooler makes for an organized tidiness – about the size of a trash compactor,
They say the owners – but it can also be used as a separate unit.

Although you have not gotten so much customer
Like the NewAir or EdgeStar, the is another attractive refrigerator Of wine with a good
reputation. The owners say that it reaches the desired temperature quickly and silently,
And that sliding beech wood frames make a nice visual accent. That
It has a reversible door, and the temperature range for its unique cooling
Zone is 40 to 66 degrees.

Opinion sources from experts and users

There is a notable lack of recent,
Comparison of professional reviews of wine chillers online: offers a series of laboratory-proven wine coolers, and is almost the only one
Credible professional source we could find. As such,
We’ve looked at thousands of owner reviews found on retail sites, such as , and .
In addition, the last two sites, which deal with all things related to wine, are
Great resources to learn about wines and wine chillers and help you make
The best choice for your needs.